So, how did I do through holiday eating??? I actually lost 2 pounds! I jumped on the scale this morning and saw 189.8. How about them apples, eh? Losing 2 pounds through the holidays and still eating ham, turkey, and pumpkin pie! Once you know your genetic predisposition, you have it made!!!

90 Day Challenge…

This is a great time of year to begin some new and better habits. I’m looking for about a dozen people that want to get back to a nice cruising weight and eliminate some questionable eating habits. It all starts with a simple genetic test – and the results of that test show you exactly how to achieve your health goals. I lost 45 pounds last year and have maintained a weight of about 192 right through the holidays! You do NOT need to be close by, I can assist via phone or social media. Get back to me and let’s get going in 2015!!!

New Year’s Resolution

Well, I haven’t checked in for a while… the obvious question is: Have I maintained my weight this year?

The answer, Yes!

Here’s the deal, I’ve had so much success with this plan and the simple dietary changes I’d like to help about 12 people personally in 2015. I can help you lose those 50 to 75 extra pounds quite easily – if I can do it, so can you and I’ll be right by your side in the process.

Send me a message if you have an interest, or, if you know someone who wants to gain control of their weight and good health in 2015!

Let’s do it!

Oh, that’s sweet…

1920 calories yesterday ,with…

2 beers, 1/2 of a serving of nachos, and a cream cheese Danish pastry!

I had to preplan this because the nachos alone would have been enough to put me way over on my calorie count.

I all had to do was plug the numbers in to my BodyKey site and plan the rest of my day accordingly.



Weight maintained!

The caloric content of pizza!

Papa Murphy’s Chicago Style pizza is a favorite of mine. You have to love all that meat, cheese, and, well, grease!

So how many calories are in 1 piece of Chicago Style pizza, you ask?


I used to eat 4 slices when I weighed in at 236 pounds last year… so that’s 1,440 calories. Or, 96% of the total calories I consumed when I was losing my 45 pounds last year in one meal!!!

That number doesn’t include the chocolate chip cookie dough I’d purchase for a snack after the pizza… sigh – oh the good old days Smile!

Your diet is no good, unless…

Your diet is no good unless you can maintain your lifestyle change. Period.

At first I thought the genetic test was the single most important attribute of the BodyKey system – but, in reality, it’s the ability to chart your daily caloric content that keeps you honest in weight maintenance.

The genetic testing and BodyKey website are bookends in the process, but I would lose my focus without being able to chart my daily eating habits.

Be honest with yourself, set your goals, and get going…

Success is mechanical.

The damage of the holiday season…

Well, I kept track of my eating habits over the holiday season via the BodyKey website.

I know, I’m the only one who would do such a thing! I’m German, I have no choice!!!

I’ll cut to the chase. I weighed in at 197.2 last Saturday. So I’m up a total of 5 pounds since Thanksgiving.

I’ll tell you, it is EXTREMELY difficult to stay at 1800/2000 calories per day around the holidays… like you didn’t know that.

I’ll get right back to my standard dietary plan this week. My goal weight is 192 pounds over the winter/spring season, then I may go for 185, give or take, next summer.

Stay in touch, let me know how you did over the holidays and we’ll get right back to work to our goals for the New Year!

4500 calories

4500 calories. That’s the average caloric count for a Thanksgiving dinner according to ABC news.

Let’s put that in perspective. During the summer, when I was dropping about 3 pounds per week, 4500 calories would have been 3 DAYS worth of food for me!!!

Yep, one meal would have been 3 days worth of eating!

Now, the news noted that a person would gain about 1 pound from this caloric consumption.

Smile! Does that mean I’ll try it?


I’m determined to be at 192 by Saturday morning after my little experiment last week. I intend to prove it is quite easy to hold a given weight right through the holidays.

And they’ll feast, and they’ll feast, and they’ll feast, feast, feast, FEAST!

Let’s see what happens on Saturday morning.